down the rabbit hole

I've injured myself again.
Sprained my ankle.
It's a funny story, actually.
I was out walking and literally fell down a rabbit hole.
I fell down flat on my tummy and couldn't move due to the sever pain.
I started to cry in angst and frustration.
My mum, who was with me on the walk, tried to help me up but the pain was too much to handle.
I've almost fainted.
I will get up soon, I said to mum with a trembling voice.
My mum waited.
After a few minutes of getting back to earth from hell I tried to get up and limbered back home with mum.
Very funny story.


I woke up to a notification from tinder. Hamps had sent me a new message, which means I got a message from a new match. I was like, "look mum, someone loves me!" But when I clicked on it NOBODY WAS THERE. It was all a lie. Only my other matches and not a new message. I started to cry. And now the notification won't go away. It's mocking me.


Party hats and old people problems

The other day at the gym I realised that I had forgotten to bring my brasier. 

I had a white skirt and brown nipples - a winning combination. 
Then I also was perspiring like a pig and normally my brasier 
would have stopped the waterfall but luckily there's tissues. 
Tissues under them boobies.

Then I had to go to two client meetings.


Me trying to stay awake today
because I watched Kpop videos till 2am last night.

and yes, I tried Paint X for Mac.
I joined the dark side.
I feel so dirty.


post work out

I've started working out since I've injured myself way too much lately.
My body's weak.
But after the gym I have the need for snacks.
And luckily I have a grocery store in the same block.
So I go and buy delicious food that I scoff down.
Like crisps, pudding, fries, chocolate and rotesseri chicken. Yum!

I love working out.
And yes, my head is very small.
in my head.